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Wednesday, April 05, 2017 Alanna Figueira 7 Comments

I'm really really not a smoothie/protein shake type of girl... I'd rather just eat my food. So for me to be promoting a protein powder means it's really something special! I've tried a billion different types of powders; plant based, whey based; you name it. I've never been able to find one that meets all of my requirements - great tasting, low carb, clean (non-gmo, grass fed) ingredients, not loaded with phytic acid gut irritants like pea/oat/grain protein. Any protein powder which lists whey protein isolate an ingredient without a claim for organic, non-gmo, or grassfed... is probably cheap whey...sourced from commercial, non-grass fed, non-organic animals.

So recently tried out Rootz nutrition post-workout paleo protein-superfood and their pre-workout paleo energizing-superfood. Admittedly, my expectations were not high. I checked the ingredients first like always and they were impressive... so impressive that I knew the stuff would taste like sand and hemp dust. It also comes in at only 1 net carb! I like to keep my carbs low, not necessarily ketogenic low but this would fit right into a ketogenic diet. So we're talking all clean superfood packed ingredients, 15g protein, 1 net carb and the real kicker is that the stuff tastes great!

I love the post-workout paleo protein superfood. I use it after my workout to avoid eating everything in sight.  I don't know about you but I am ravenous when I get home from the gym.  It tastes great and is so versatile. It says it's chocolate banana nut but really goes with anything. I've thrown berries, almond butter, even spinach in and both myself and the kids love it. Did I mention my kids love it? When the picky-as-f 6 year old loves something, it means it's pretty damn good. He likes it just blended with ice and unsweetened almond milk, which is how I usually drink it post-workout.

Then there's the pre-workout paleo energizing-superfood powder and this stuff is crack. All you have to do is mix it in some water and it's like taking a 5hour energy shot but without the actual heart attack. It's made with all superfoods and plant based caffeine so it's more gentle and won't leave you jittery but will give you hours of real energy. It's really perfect to fuel a workout. I've not worked out without it since trying it.

There are really very few products I promote on my blog so I want you all to know that any product I promote on my blog my kids and I personally use and love.

You can get these products at

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Recently I'm standing in my kitchen and all of a sudden hear that godawful-nails scratching down a chalkboard-eyes rolling so far back in my head- dish rag thrown across the counter melody.... you know ... the ice cream man. Because now that it's barely 50F out the children must be pumped with sugar and chemical, right? Just before dinner time. Perfect timing dude. But this momma is prepared. I have my handy ice pop molds and whipped up some protein pops to keep on hand for when that pest decides to pass through my block.. which happens to be every goddamn day around 5pm just as I'm serving dinner. Anyway. I made these with nothing other than unsweetened almond milk, Rootz paleo protein-superfood, berries, spinach, and some ice. My kids are not used to refined sugar so the sweetness really comes from the berries and is enough for them. They loved them.

 Here's a quick recipe:

For 3 pops:

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp protein powder
1 handful berries or spinach
Handful of ice

Blend, pour, freeze, enjoy

Products i use:

Here's some more info on Rootz.


Rootz Nutrition is a recently launched company that offers a Paleo-approved energizing powder and a complete protein+superfood+greens powder made from real, wholesome foods. All of our products are free of artificial ingredients, GMO's, coloring, gluten, dairy, soy, and are organic. We strongly believe that what is left out of a product is just as important as what goes in.

WHY ROOTZ? (from the founder)

The inspiration for Rootz came when I had taken up the Paleo diet in 2011, and was left with virtually no options for energy or protein supplementation. I began to realize that most of the products on the market were loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients, often times dangerous, and almost always doing more harm to a person's body than good.

I wanted something that was made from real food ingredients that I could actually pronounce, but would still give me results. To my frustration, every product I had tried left me disappointed. The energizing powders were too weak, and the protein powders either didn't taste good, or didn't have the well-rounded nutritional profile that I was looking for.... So I went out and made my own products that I could feel good about putting in my body.


It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete who trains for hours every day or a soccer mom who is looking for convenient, healthy on the go food options-- If you are looking to eat healthier and have more energy, I think you will love Rootz. 

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