Red Velvet Crepes with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Ganache

Monday, February 09, 2015 Alanna Figueira 3 Comments

Valentine's Day is in less than one week!  This year this silly little holiday falls on a Saturday so rather than share some decadent cake or truffle recipe I'm sharing a delicious breakfast recipe.  I will also direct you to my amazing Red Velvet Cake Truffles and instruct you to make them in silicone heart shape molds for your hunny if you want a festive dessert.   The whole family will love these and your kids will eat beets!  I promise you will not taste the beets! You will not taste dirt either.  Everyone asks me if my truffles taste like dirt because beets taste like dirt to them.  Well no, they taste like red velvet crepes, lightly sweetened,  slightly cocao-y and when you stuff them with homemade whipped cream and top them with chocolate sauce they taste like pure heaven.  These would be a great served as dessert or breakfast.

A few notes... the beets must be raw, to get a nice color, no cooked love beets sorry.  I indicate 1/2 cup loosely packed OR 1/3 cup packed because they should be about the same thing.  Too much beet will make the batter too thick.  If this happens add a little extra milk.  The raspberry wine vinegar adds such a nice taste, and if you don't know what else to do with it make my Raspberry Vinaigrette.  You can substitute apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, just make sure to use something because the acidity helps maintain the beautiful color of the beets.  Try not to over or under cook the crepes.  If you try to flip too soon, they can fall apart and if you leave them on too long they can get darker in color and too well done.  You must refrigerate your coconut cream overnight to get it cold so don't forget that step the night before!  Make sure you are using cold full fat unsweetened coconut cream for the whipped cream.  You can use the solid fat on top of a Coconut Milk can, but only use the solid fat or it won't whip.  I recommend the linked coconut milk and coconut cream based on taste, texture and quality.  You will not end up with cool whip, but a rich and thick coconut cream that is delicious.

Red Velvet Crepes with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Ganache 

For the Crepes

*Makes 4-6 crepes, serves 2
1/2 cup loosely packed OR 1/3 cup packed RAW beet, peeled, grated (use a cheese grater)
2 large eggs
2 tbsp butter or  Coconut Oil , melted
2 tbsp Tapioca Flour
2 tbsp  Coconut Flour
1 tbsp Cocao Powder
2 tbsp honey
1 Tbsp Coconut Milk
1 tsp raspberry wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt


1. Preheat medium sized skillet to med-low (3-4 setting).
2.  Blend all ingredients into a batter.
3.  Butter your pan and drop 1/4 cup into pan per crepe.  Swirl the pan so the batter is in a thin even layer. Cook for 2-3 minutes and then flip and cook on the other side.  Makes 4-6 crepes.  Set aside to cool.

For the Whipped Cream

1 1/2 cups Coconut Cream, cold from refrigerator overnight
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp Arrowroot Starch Flour
1 tsp vanilla extract


Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Beat with a hand mixer on med-low 2-3 minutes, until whipped peaks form.

For the Chocolate Ganache

1/3 cup Chocolate Chips
3 tbsp Coconut Cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Melt all ingredients in a saucepan on lowest setting stirring frequently until combined into a thin sauce.

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